Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Midweek Gasp for Air

Hello? Anyone here? I've been spending the last week trying to write a post - and by "trying" I mean opening the post editor everyday and realising after writing two words that there were other matters of life and death (mostly death) which I required my attention a lot more urgently than my blog. I am currently stuck with another 3 more weeks of the Surgery Posting from Hell - and with Satan himself as His Royal Unholiness the Infernal Head of Department. Imagine spending everyday exposed to the danger of being stuck in the same room as an old guy that's about a head taller than you are who hollers right in your face, calling you a "bloody fool", "donkey", "stupid" or other such colourful names, over every tiniest mistake, every minuscule slip of the tongue you make (in your grasp of surgical concepts and even more often, your grammar).

So far, all 4 groups currently in posted in Surgery have been banned from the wards till further notice after a particularly nasty episode of shouting on the Prof's part in front of the patients. Actually, he can be quite funny when his laserz aren't turned on you but not many people can truly escape his rages. I, along with a few others, have yet to perform any piece of stupidity worthy of him personally sending us out of the class or ward but that didn't stop us from being covered under the ban as well (apparently, it's our fault too for not making sure that every member of our group is completely perfect at History Taking and at General and Systemic Examination of Patient). In my opinion, the standard at which we were performing would no doubt receive much kudos from the lecturers back in Manipal, India. It's a whole new ballpark here. Oh, even when it was him who banned us from the wards, we're still considered absent from class. Good luck making up for the 90% minimum attendance now.

I can tell you that I have never been this stressed out in my life - not even when I faced that two major University Exams back in India (I pretty much studied one night before each paper and yes, I'm allowed to brag about it). And the less I say about my borderline suicidal behaviour when it came to the SPM and my A-Levels, the better (2 hours before each paper, by the way). Now, I'm studying everyday (yes! believe it!) just to avoid being roasted alive by the Prof. That guy certainly put me in a religious mood - I pray fervently everyday now.

I am happy to report that I still managed to do a bit of leisure reading these days. I finished The Blade Itself and Before They Are Hanged by Joe Abercrombie just last week and I'm halfway through John Crowley's Little, Big and occasionally thumbing a short story from an anthology of H. P. Lovecraft cosmic horror tales I bought in Chennai. Tomorrow, I'm looking to catch the movie adaptation of Max Payne at the cineplex with Shaki and whoever else who wants to tag along. Viva la vida, people.

Before I sign off, let me just say this to all the girl readers I have,

If you don't know how to wear high heels; don't. Not even for balls or proms or any swanky wingdings. There's a reason why people had to go through months at a finishing school just to learn how to do it; and that reason is so they don't walk like friggin' velociraptors in the damn stilletos. Yes, high heels give the optical illusion of a longer, slimmer leg, a smaller foot, and a greater overall height - not to mention altering the wearer's posture and gait, flexing the calf muscles, and making the bust and buttocks more prominent - but that's not happening when you're stumbling around like you have brain cancer.

I also have some beef about girls wearing bareback dresses and blouses, but failing to correct their postures for these sort of clothes. Why on God's green earth are you ladies hunching your shoulders and backs for? To push your boobs together so they'd look bigger? To make up for a non-existent cleavage? What? It's just going to make your back look enormous and FAT, you know. All I could see are acres and acres of man-type back. Totally not sexy, girls.

We need a revival of finishing schools to stop girls from failing at sexiness.

That is all. I needed that off my chest. I will write you guys again this weekend.


Zzzyun said...

wah, dont be so mean to the girls la..

they probably need some time to get used to wearing the high heels.. even tho i broke into my first pair pretty well. (yeah and they're 2+ inches btw!)

plus did u consider that some of the girls probably had bad posture from the start? so it's kinda hard for them to notice it much less correct it.

no i'm not saying this as i stand quite straight - thank you very much as i'm already lacking in height =/

- yuhhui - said...

Girls are vain. They just love whatever that looks nice on them, without considering the little details like posture, way of walking .. etc. i guess guys do notice certain things after all...

~*caryn*~ said...

i realized my posture sucked while i was in heels and a *very pretty* F21 dress. i saw my reflection in the glasses and i thought to myself, that's absolutely hideous. have been consciously trying to correct it ever since.

and i guess my situation here in cheras is quite the opposite of yours. my head of department of surgery is a rather nice man, and surgery posting was quite a breeze to most of us. however, your HoD now, sounds like my O&G HoD. every answer you give to his questions merits a "nonsense!" frequently used labels include "joker", "bloody fool", "hopeless", "stupid". not just the medical students. the story goes that even a specialist had it from him once >.<|||

fubi said...

i1 go2 finishing skul! :D i tink it'd b fun learnin which fork 2use 4salad n evrythn xD n lace-up heels r so pretty!! bt i noe you're goin2 tel me im 2short 2wear thm T^T hmpf.

MichelleG said...

i have really bad posture too!! sigh.. but wearing heels is quite nice, i actually feel more confident n sexy? lol. but unfortunately it's crazy to wear heels to hospitals =(

and i gotta agree with u on surgeons!!! bloody hell they are just insane. well not all the surgeons here, there are some nice ones but a few mean ones. i was shot down dead in theatre once for failing to answer some questions. T__T sigh. i suppose in msia the hierarchy system is just worse and they have absolutely no respect for students. it's just stupid. man. just gotta suck it in.. =(

ven said...

Posture is not just meant for the girls but guys too. ENough said on that.

By the way, I realise that Malaysians tend to use the term Prof or Professor rather loosely. A real Professor should be someone that his research is recognised by people of his field around the entire world. Not a mere lectuer who gives lectures.

bevE said...



po's version of bimbo

k0k s3n w4i said...

zzzyun: being mean is fun. it's just that they wore high heels to make themselves look good, but instead, they actually make themselves uglier. I can't stand counterproductivity. I think it's perfectly alright for girls to have bad posture (god knows mine is bad enough) - but at the very least, they should make the effort when they are all dressed up in a bareback piece.

yuhhui: girls don't get how much they are being laughed at for their vanity. the worst offenders are really fat women who are vain enough to think that they can pull off a spaghetti strap top and miniskirt combo. I know some plus-sized girls who can look pretty decent in the right clothes - attractive even. ppl need to know their speed.

caryn: well, our surgery HOD once screwed an entire bus load of students, the drivers, and the college... due to some unforseen circumstances (means, nobody's at fault) which led to him arriving at the hospital earlier than the students did. and good luck with the heels and posture thing. it's worth it, really.

fubi: well, so long as u don't wear a 4 inch tall stiletto. I just realise that once u past a certain limit, the heels will actually make you look shorter.

michelleg: well, posture isn't very obvious in normal clothes. it's the ball dresses ppl got to watch out for. anyhow, all the other surgeons here are pretty nice and lenient. it's just our HOD. probably broke the spirits of all the other surgeons already.

ven: agreed. but usually, guys don't care how they look. girls care more. that's the point I was driving at. well, most of the lecturers (including some HOD's) in MMMC do not use the honorific. And I heard some stories about my Surgery Prof saying that he used to be some bigshot. Oh well, I call him Prof cos all the other surgeons called him Prof. Never really pondered much over it.

beve: ??? who?? what?! we don't operate on the same wavelength - you know that. talk properly =.=

nuraainaa said...

hello Mr k0k.

nampaknya anda sangat sibuk. dah jarang update sekarang.


anyway, all the best! : D

senorita.. said...

sorry to say this but i notice that u seem to notice little little things that most people don't. u appear to be a perfectionist (which i think u are?). it's intimidating.

that's it. i need to get that off my chest. and oh,u got me LOL on the heels part. best of luck with ur studies. ;P

bevE said...

this post is ur way of being bimbo

learn english

Inn Shan said...

I heard news about your group. It's kinda scary to hear that it's going to be my turn soon. Hope i don't get screwed up individually. But i guess, with my group...hopefully it'll be better. *wink*

sinye said...

man, ur last paragraph made me LOL!!!

but i have to admit that it's damn true when u're seeing girls walking like incredible hulk in front of u..u just feel like going up to them, pad on their shoulders and say..DONT HUNCH!!!

and pity to ur surgeon part..hhahahaha..i hope i dont get such special treatment during my attachment in hospitals..good luck~~!