Monday, March 10, 2008

It's Only the Beginning

"No, it's messy! You can't come over now..."
My Mum

"No not now lah, sometime in the future when you've got the house cleaned up -"
The wife of my dad's friend

*just clued in on the conversation*

"Hmn? Clean? o.o" It's
always going to be messy."

*blank stare*

Hello! Guess who? I know la, if it's not Po then who else could it be? Besides which, who else calls K0k, Po? And uses emotes in quotes for that matter. Hmn.

Today is a very special day.

Today marks the first day I vandalise Po's blog.

And up till now I had nothing to blog about that would interest you guys even after thinking and thinking (coz seriously I'm never gonna be as good as Po right no matter what I blog about) so I thought I'd go ahead and bore you all to death and scare more readers away blog anyway.

Newly named Kero Kero, previously known as Calvin, said I should blog about my parents. Can't blog about my dad for several reasons, so here's my mum.

Face censored due to privacy obligations

Her hobbies include ironing

and cooking.

*thinks* "Cook for yourselves, damn children." >_>

I sometimes wonder if she really likes her hobbies.

Every now and then, about once a month, she brings back sweet things.


Oh yeah! She also has a couple of children.

Numbers possibly fabricated.

But sometimes it feels like there're so many more.

We are her SPAWN! *rawr*

She nags sometimes.

Sometimes we nag back.

We love her anyway.

All one hundred and one of us.

I wonder if she loves us. o.O

Happy early/belated Mother's Day!

p.s. Early for Malaysia, belated for London.
p.p.s. Pictures look pixelly because blogger reduces the size and makes them look ugly.

At the start of her reign and craving carrot cake,
(pronounced Beh-vee)


Sewjin said...

that is sweet and quite terrifying at the same time.

k0k s3n w4i said...

Breaking in your new tablet, I see. You gave me quite a scare there. For a short moment, I thought that I have clean forgotten Mother's Day... then I realise you're referring to Mothering Sunday xD

I didn't think you were capable of such sweetness :P

michelleg said...

haha.. nice comic.. =)

gaL said...

Hey that drawings are cute! LOVE it. I want more BEVE.;)

pinksterz said...

eik the drawing so comel! i like the 'sometimes we nag back'!!

Crux said...

Those pictures seriously creeped me out.

calvin said...

can you draw something for my header?

*making the eyes like that orange cat from shrek*

bevE said...

gochi: i make sure to give equal amounts of either serving.

po: it was the school's tablet lah, i haven't got mine yet. *starts doubting it ever coming T_T dammit must not curse self* >_> i am not capable of such sweetness T^T

michelleg: thank you !!! <3

gal: thanks!! you have no idea how much that made my day >< and boosted my confidence too

pinksterz: thanks !! xD i kinda like that one too

crux: :D thank you. that was also fun to hear xD i'm so glad it did. =3

calvin: o.o .... *incredulous*

michellsy, disillusioned, exhausted and cranky said...

I *heart* your drawings Beve!!!!
So cute!

And hahah, do you only like your mom cos she brings you cake and ice-cream and other yummy-licious things of the same ilk? XD

I can't believe I haven't spammed here for so long. Oh woe is me - I hate my job, I HATE MY JOB, y'hear?
Working 60 hour weeks ain't no fun y'all T_T

bevE said...

thank you :D yes, mainly xD i like sweet things - my favourite sweet things

then why do u work ?! it sounds dreadfully boring, and it makes me question the whole point of why ppl even work. i had this crazy idea this morning as well about how no one should work (for money) and everyone should just trade -.- not trade trade, but trade out of the goodwill of their hearts >_>

Rileen Aya said...


when's mother's day!!

i swear i immediately googled it up to find out the exact date before reading your p.s

my mum would kill me man..